Each moment of our lives is etched in the sand. 
Beautiful for a time, but in this world, 
fleeting if not captured in some medium.


Who Am I?
I’m discovering my response to that question each new day for myself. I hope the answer is never completely cemented in stone until long after I die. I aspire to continually grow, learn, choose what is truly important to me, and embrace the freedom to believe in what resonates in my heart.

Some of my facets:

I believe in soulmates and that I have found mine.

I think children are amazing teachers and I adore the five I’ve been blessed with at this moment.

I know that even death cannot break the bond between mother and child. I also know that I will hold her in my arms again some day.  Until then, I will hold her in my heart.

I embrace intelligent design and welcome the idea that we were each created for a unique purpose.

I believe I am held by a God who loves me and counts every hair on my head, every tear on my cheek, and every joy in my heart.

And I have confidence that one should always:

   Laugh as much as you breathe … and love as long as you live.

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