Something conceived in the mind. 
•a result of thought, e.g. an idea, invention, or plan 

Each moment of our lives is etched in the sand.  Beautiful for a time, but in this world, fleeting if not captured in some medium.

The truth is that most of us, within just a few generations, will merely be another branch on the family tree. We won’t be remembered by society because of an invention or discovery. We will not have a star on the walk-of-fame or be immortalized on the silver screen. We will not hit the winning home run of the World Series. And, hopefully, we won’t be infamous either. 😉 But each of us can leave the legacy of a lifetime of memories for our children. We can share reflections of adventures, lessons we’ve learned along the way, and the recollections of our journey.

I don’t have delusions of grandeur, hoping to create a huge following with a Lifetime movie of the week or daytime talk show in syndication.  I will consider it a success if I can reach 10 posts and I’m the sole reader.  🙂  My primary purpose here is to construct a written collection of memories, musings, ambitions, feelings, hopes, aspirations, and dreams.   Someday I hope that my children will enjoy sampling these tasty acorn-morsels adorning my ancestral bough.

And so this blog was born…

…with 9 more posts to follow 😉


3 Responses

  1. You already have a follower. I hope you’ll complete more than 10 posts, though. You are a fantastic writer!

    PS-Have you thought about posting your pics on etsy?

    • YIPPEEE! Thanks for the compliment too. You are such a great friend. ❤

      Ike keeps telling me not to post my pix online without a watermark because people will steal them. I haven't really ever considered selling them, mostly I just take pix as creative therapy and not ever having taken a photography class, I feel like an amateur. I did just use a bunch of them in a project and made greeting cards for my mom for her birthday. I had no idea people post pix on etsy.

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